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Never before did it make more sense than this coming harvest to purchase locally grown Barley / wheat / oats “off the combine”, and then home save it with Ma❌ammon, the most tried and tested additive on the Irish market.

We are 10 years with this product and have found nothing as good or as reliable for home saving harvest grain. Specific Urease enzymes coupled with Feed Grade Urea ensure excellent results with every tonne of grain treated.

The 4 P’s are the real story of Ma❌ammon treated harvest grain.

➡️ P1.  Preservation; Only Ma❌ammon can preserve harvest grain from one harvest to the next.

➡️ P2. Protein; Only Ma❌ammon can increase grain protein consistently to 14% / 16% Protein.

➡️ P3. PH ; Increasing the PH to between 8.5 and 9+ is the real success story of Ma❌ammon.

➡️ P4. Performance; Ma❌ammon treated grain is number 1 for animal performance in Alkaline grain treatments.

Proven time and again. Performance with Ma❌ammon = Profit

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The current crisis in Ukraine/Russia where grain from that region (the breadbasket of Europe) is locked up and in many cases damaged by the ravages of war and has resulted in the massive price increases seen in grains and energy products throughout the world. Will there be any harvest in Ukraine this year and even if there is, where will the grain go, are major questions now as things continue to deteriorate in that region. That coupled with severe drought across France and most of the other major grain growing regions throughout Europe is making things much worse in terms of availability and price as we head toward autumn and winter- feeding time.

Fortunately, Cork has a huge tradition of grain production and with our base in Midleton in East Cork we are in a strong position to source high volumes of harvest grain off the Combine, which is the ideal product for Ma❌ammon treatment and the ideal winter feed for both dairy and beef animals where performance is required, be it Milk or Beef. That coupled with our very large contract supply of Malting Barley for the Beer and Whisky industry ensures that we have a solid pipeline of higher protein, high KPH grain available to supply customers that require quality animal feed grains for Ma❌ammon treatment and home saving and storage on farm. We can supply certified test results for each load we deliver, showing; Moisture / Protein / KPH – the 3 key measures of quality grain.

Grain been treated with Maxammon

All the best over the up-and-coming grain harvest and assuring you of our best attention at all times.

For Southern Fuels & Farm Supplies ltd.

Maurice Smiddy


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