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Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd stock a range of products which are developed by top farm nutritionists by our suppliers, to naturally deliver outstanding stock results.


17% Sheep Nut      

✅ High quality feed for mid and late pregnancy.

✅ Optimum level of Cereal and digestable fibre.

✅ Ideal where one feed suits all.

✅ No Cal-Mag.

✅ Suitable for upland and mountain flocks.

✅ Ideal for feeding hoggets.

Intensive Lamb Pellets

✅ 18% Crude Protein.

✅ Optimum levels of Starch with quality Cereals.

✅ Excellent for pedigree Lamb breeders.

✅ Promotes top quality lamb carcass finishes.

✅ Suitable levels of digestible fibre for creep feeding.

✅ Contains ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi.

✅ Suitable for feeding at grass, in-house or ad-lib.

16% Lamb Fattening Nut   

✅ High performance lamb finishing nut.

✅ Suitable for feeding stores on grass or inhouse.

✅ Top quiliaty cereals included.

✅ Promotes high intake due to good digestible fibre.

✅ Balanced with minerals vitamins and ammonium chloride.

✅Consistent top quality protein energy and fibre sources.

Pedigree No 2 Lamb Creep

✅ High quality muesli suitable for all categories of sheep.

✅ Recommended for pedigree and commercial lambs/hoggets/rams being intensively fed.

✅ Very popular and successful cooked feed, chosen by many top pedigree sheep breeders.

✅ Contains cooked soyabeans, peas, barley and maize.

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