Fodder Rape

Fodder Rape is a popular forage crop due to its ease of production and its palatability. It is capable of producing a large bulk of fodder in a short timeframe but is not as winter hardy as Kale. One can sow as late as early September in the South.

Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd when dealing with farmers who require a low cost winter forage can supply all the inputs, seed, chemical fertiliser for this crop.

Ensure all diets are properly balanced if strip grazing forage Rape. It is very useful for fattening lambs and lactating ewes. It is also widely used as a low cost forage crop to strip graze during winter months for sheep, cattle and cows. Always feed hay or silage as a roughage source.



NEW Hybrid Rape variety with good regrowth potential. High yield and high leaf to stem ratio. Good leaf retention and
disease resistance. Quite good resistance to Clubroot.


High yielding medium tall variety with good leaf to stem ratio.


Hobson is ideal for finishing lambs. Hobson has excellent resistance to powdery
mildew, a disease which can make some crops unpalatable leading to a high
wastage factor. Hobson is very palatable and digestible.

For more agronomy information regarding seed variety, rate, herbicide, and nutrients please contact our Team of experts as these change on an annual basis.

Field of fodder rape
Gorilla Rape

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