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At Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd, we provide Super Premium CAT Range which has been developed in association with veterinary experts. These products are completely natural with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Your cat will love the highly digestible and palatable foods, made from the highest quality chicken and fish protein. 

Cat Kitten
Kitten food

CAT KITTEN has been designed to meet the needs of growing kittens through the combination of irresistible chicken and fish flavours that provide optimal growth and development.

By feeding CAT KITTEN the muscular and skeletal development needs of your kitten will be taken care of. The inclusion of premium grade quality chicken means that your cat can absorb protein naturally in the growing stages.

Cat Adult
A tabby cat

CAT ADULT has an irresistible chicken and
fish flavour that has proven, through
research, to be one of the most irresistible
cat foods on the market today.
Developed in association with veterinary experts, CAT ADULT provides the nutritional balance that
gives healthy teeth and gums, a super shiny
coat along with maintaining a healthy
weight balance

Cat Supreme    
White cat

CAT SUPREME is a high-quality complete and balanced pet food for adult cats that are fussy eaters. The ‘hard to please’ cats are attracted to the high chicken and fish content found in CAT SUPREME. The scientific formulation assists hair pasess safely through your cat’s system, reducing hairball formation, while the proper balance
of highly digestible ingredients, promotes a healthy skin and coat

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