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Research has shown that minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential nutrients for the health and performance of ruminant livestock.
Mineral imbalances can cause major loss of profit to farmers. Correct vitamin, mineral and trace element balance is essential for the prevention of a wide range of problems including lameness, ill thrift, reduced immunity, poor skin/hair quality and reduced live-
weight gain.
Increased dependence on forages such as maize and beet, purchased blends and straights, along with improved nutritional standards for livestock feeding, have brought about a greater reliance on minerals. Therefore the importance of accurate mineral supplementation has become even more important for optimal herd performance and to maximise the animals genetic potential.
Farmers need accurate information about the nutritional values of their forages, which makes forage analysis an essential farm management tool. However, it is equally important to obtain an accurate analysis of the forage mineral content so that the correct mineral balance can be tuned to the needs of their animal diets.
Dairy cows in the dry period should be offered mineral and vitamin mixes in order to prevent issues associated with deficiency in both the cow and the calf. Some of these issues
include retained cleanings, lazy calving, calving difficulty, milk fever, calf death and poor calf health. For example, maternal deficiency of trace minerals and Vitamin E in late pregnancy
can compromise the immune system of the calf. This may increase susceptibility to scour, pneumonia, navel-ill, joint-ill, etc.
It is generally advised to feed dry cow mineral and vitamins for approximately six weeks pre- calving. This is in order to combat deficiencies in the total dietary intake. For example, grass silage can be deficient in major minerals such as phosphorus (P) and magnesium (Mg) and trace minerals such as iodine (l), copper (Cu), selenium (Se) and cobalt (Co).
Pre – Calver Health Plus

Pre Calver Health Plus is a high specification mineral for pre- calving dairy cows. This product is ideally suited to high genetic dairy units. The inclusion of Bio- Chlor brings the added benefits of negative dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD). This formulation helps ensure higher blood calcium levels and bio- available magnesium in the lead up to calving time resulting in smoother calving’s with fewer incidences of metabolic disorders such as clinical and sub – clinical milk fever, retained cleanings and uterine infections. Health Plus is also fortified with optimum levels of all essential vitamins and trace elements.

Bag of first choice mineral pre calver plus
Pre-Calver ULTRA

Pre-Calver ULTRA is another health focused mineral specifically
designed to help combat on farm problems associated with
mineral antagonists such as molybdenum and sulphur plus CAB interaction issues such as raised K and Sd. Its key strengths are the inclusion of 28% Magnesium along with maximum levels of trace minerals and vitamins. Optimum levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 are included to help the cow and calf’s immune system.

Bag of Pre calver ultra
Pre-Calver ELITE

Pre-Calver Elite is a nutritionally enhanced mineral for feeding to dry cows prior to calving. It is based on the Pre-Calver Ultra product with increased levels of trace elements plus greater amounts of protected Cu, Se and Zn to help improve the herd fertility status, reduce calving related problems, such as retained cleansings and improve foot health. It also contains Proviox Vitamin E and Biotin to help boost the immune system at this critical period. Furthermore it contains Seaweed Meal to further enhance trace element availability and improve the overall
product palatability.

Bag of Pre calver elite

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