Subble Turnips

A highly popular catch crop – Stubble Turnips are an excellent catch crop which can produce nutritious, highly palatable feed in just 12-14 weeks after sowing. 

Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd when dealing with farmers who require a low cost winter forage can supply all the inputs, seed, chemical and fertiliser for this crop.

Stubble Turnip has the potential to produce four tonnes of DM per hectare which can be grazed late into winter and early spring. Crops should be sown in late July or early August for feeding in October to February. . The textbook cut off date for sowing these crops is the middle of August. After this it becomes difficult to achieve target yields. Tillage farms with livestock are ideal for growing Stubble Turnips as a catch crop. As they are highly digestible they are ideal for finishing lambs, or can be fed to both dairy or beef animals. 


Small bulb large leaf stubble turnip seed

Tyfon stubble turnips are generally sown in the spring and can be utilised in the summer months by dairy/beef cattle and sheep when grass growth is declining.

Tyfons rapid growth habits means that it can be utilised in only 60 days and once grazed there is potential for re-growth.

Tyfon has a very small bulb with a massive leaf which will produce a much needed palatable summer feed, although it has a high frost resistance.


Large bulbed highly digestible stubble turnip seed

Delilah Stubble Turnips produce huge purple tankard shape bulbs with minimal effort.

It is a highly digestible variety and is ideal for fattening lambs or flushing ewes and will provide excellent quality forage.

Its large tankard roots will grow out of the ground which will ease grazing.

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