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Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd has chosen it’s suppliers very carefully to ensure expert nutrition for your Poultry. Our suppliers are brand leaders for high quality poultry feeds. Their broad range of consistently, top performing diets have gained an unchallenged reputation for success among generations of Irish poultry farmers.

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 15% Poultry Growers Pellets 

15% Poultry/Geese/Duck Growers Pellets A complete feeding stuff for growing poultry, geese and ducks from 4 weeks of age.

19% Broiler Finisher Pellets 

19% Broiler Finisher Pellets A complete feeding stuff for finishing broilers and turkeys.

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Organic Poultry feed
 Layers Pellets  

A highly palatable organic feed. Morrin’s organic layers pellets are specially formulated
for a general, all purpose diet which can be fed to flocks of mixed ages under any management system.

Tablebird Finisher Pellets      

A complementary feed for feeding to tablebirds from 5 weeks of age to slaughter with organic forage. It may also be fed to Finishing Turkeys, Ducks and Geese. 95% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance EU regulation 2092/91, with the remaining 5% being permitted conventional feedstuffs.


What Grit Does

Chickens can’t chew, but they have one of the most efficient digestive processes in the animal world. As chickens pick and scratch at the ground, they consume small rocks that go into the gizzard. The gizzard contracts after the chicken eats, grinding the food between the rock particles. Without grit to break the food into a more digestible size, blockages and illness are the likely outcome. Chicks need grit as soon as their feathers come in; you’ll also trade their chick starter for growing crumble.

Feeding Grit

Even if your chickens free range, you should provide a dish of grit to ensure that your chickens get enough. Chickens will take only what they need, so a backyard flock rarely goes through more than 10 pounds a year. While you can feed grit in a small, open dish, a commercial grit feeder prevents fecal matter from contaminating it. The covered feeder has holes in the sides for chickens to put their heads through to access the grit but keeps them from scratching it out with their feet. A specially contoured lid discourages chickens from perching on the feeder.

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