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In Autumn of 2017 we were delighted to launch our new solid fuel supplier CPL Fuels Ireland / Homefire. 


Part of the fantastic ‘Homefire’ range of smokeless coal.

✅ SuperTherm is high a quality smokeless fuel

✅ Value for money

✅ Ideal for use on open fires and glass fronted stoves

✅ Easy to light 

✅ Generates a high heat

Banks well overnight


Bag of Stoveheat

Stoveheat is a high quality alternative to anthracite

✅ Ideal for use on glass fronted stoves, room heaters, cookers and boiler. 

✅ Premium smokeless fuel which is extremely reliable and long lasting

✅ Low ash content

✅Produces up to 80% less smoke and 25% less C02 

✅ Suitable for use in smoke free zones.

Bag of SuperFlame

This fuel has built a reputation as a high-quality smokeless coal that creates a high heat output without leaving lots of ash. Simply the best Ovoid/Nugget mixed product on the market.

Can be burnt on its own or alongside other coals and smokeless fuels

✅ Ignites quicker than many smokeless coals

✅ For Open Fires or Glass Fronted Stoves

✅Available in 20kg

Homefire Heatglow Briquettes
Bag of Heatglow

A high heat coal briquette for your open fire and glass-front stove that produces low ash.


A high heat coal briquette

Available in 20kg bags 

Phurnacite Smokeless Coal

Bag of Phurnacite smokeless coal

Premium grade smokeless coal for cookers, room heaters and stoves, Phurnacite offers unbeatable heating performance.

Provides long-lasting, consistent, and controllable heat

✅ Exceptional heat output

✅ Fire can provide heat for up to 18 hours

✅Clean burning

Bag of kindling

Kindling, ‘firelighting’ sticks – for use in conjunction with either paper or firelighters to give your fire a flying start!

✅ The kindling is neatly packed in a convenient, plastic bag or net sealed at the top

✅ This kindling is easy to store

✅ Easy to light, getting your fire off to a roaring start

May differ from photo.


At Southern Fuels we sell bagged blocks for your convivence.   

May differ from photo. 

Bag of Waxies fire starter

The simple to use Firelighter that burns for over 20 mins!

✅ Odourless & Clean – No smell of kerosene
✅ Environmentally Friendly
✅ High performance and longer lasting no kindling needed
✅ Ideal for all fire types – hearth fires, wood burners and camp fires
✅ Can be stored and transported with food products ! – no special regulations
✅ Long Lasting – No shelf life
✅ Consistent quality
✅100% recycled Wax Firelighter

Waxies – Let’s get this fire started!

Reading a book by a fire
Feet warming by a fire

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