Woodpecker shavings
Pallett of horse shavings

Supplier of quality dust extracted wood shavings for horses and poultry.

✅ Ideal for respiratory problem horses

✅ More absorbent

✅ Bio-degradable

✅ Easy to maintain – less work for stable hands



ComfyBed is a very dry and absorbent fine woodchip product which is virtually dust-free and has been attributed with reducing and preventing COPD in horses.  It makes a long lasting, comfortable and free-draining bed that stays dry on top.  Horses also stay cleaner for longer as, unlike other bedding alternatives, it does not cling to manes, tails or rugs.

Bags of equine bedding

Kosibed Barley, a very soft traditional bed, that is naturally strong and warm. It is a convenient alternative to traditional horse bedding materials e.g. wood shavings.

✅ Dust extracted, reducing breathing problems in horses.

✅ Offers cosy, comfortable bedding for your livestock.

✅ Rivals sawdust in absorbency.

✅ Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, natural environment for your livestock.

✅ Cost effective.

✅ Breaks down exceptionally well in the dung heap.

✅ Does not affect slurry mixing or spreading.

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