Malting Barley


Malting Barley Grower Contract.

Dear Customer, 

We are delighted to announce that Boortmalt in association with Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd will now provide “Malting Barley Grower Contracts” to interested growers in Midleton and the general East Cork region.

Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd and Boortmalt will work hard over the coming years to help encourage and develop growers of quality Malting Barley from the Midleton and general East Cork Area. This region is steeped in the tradition of growing Malting Barley for Guinness through JH Bennett & Co Ballinacurra, Midleton, in the not too distant past.

Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd will provide agronomy services to growers along with crop inputs and work with customers to help supply part of the major increase for Malting barley required by Boortmalt to satisfy the higher demand now coming from Irish Beer and Whisky producers.

Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd will provide harvest grain intake facilities and Malting Barley assembly services at Knockgriffin, Midleton. Grain will be tested here for onward transport of passed malting quality barley to Boortmalt.

Contact; Mark Hosford 086 2436366, Con McCarthy 086 8296650 or John Roche 086 8554950 to register your interest in this.

Wishing you every success and assuring you of our best attention at all times

For Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd

Maurice Smiddy


3-year partnership announced between Teagasc and Boortmalt

Boortmalt is the main assembler of malting barley in Ireland and plans to increase capacity to produce malt for brewing (beer) and distilling (whiskey) by up to 40,000t in the coming years.

  • Growers achieving an equivalent or higher Gross Margin compared to Winter Wheat (based on Teagasc e-Profit Monitor results);
  • Increasing delivery of malting barley from contracted (sown) area;
  • Targeting information to non-discussion group farmers; and
  • Increasing the nutrient management planning on farm.