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Southern Fuel & Farm Supplies Ltd has chosen it’s suppliers very carefully to ensure expert nutrition for your poultry. Our suppliers are brand leaders for high quality poultry feeds. Their broad range of consistently, top performing diets have gained an unchallenged reputation for success among generations of Irish poultry farmers.

Turkey Starter Crumb     

30% Turkey/Game Starter Crumb

A complete feeding stuff for turkey poults and young pheasants up to 4 weeks of age and also for young partridges up to 6 weeks of age.

Turkey Growers Pellets 

24% Turkey/Game Growers Pellets

A complete feedingstuff for young turkeys and pheasants from 4 weeks of age and young partridges from 6 weeks of age.

19% Turkey Finisher Pellets 

19% Broiler/turkey Finisher Pellets

A complete feeding stuff for finishing turkeys.

Morrins Pedigree chicken, turkey feed logo
Organic Turkey feed
Tablebird Finisher Pellets

A complementary feed for feeding to tablebirds from 5 weeks of age to slaughter with organic forage. It may also be fed to Finishing Turkeys, Ducks and Geese. 95% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance EU regulation 2092/91, with the remaining 5% being permitted conventional feedstuffs.

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